Our Environmental Policy

As a leading manufacturer of premium quality furniture, Your Home Furniture (Pvt) Ltd strives for sustainability and environmental stewardship. We offer numerous options to integrate recycled materials and renewable resources into products through the use of upholstery fabrics with 100% recycled polyester, recycled metal and polypropylene, laminates that are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®, FSC® Certified wood products, and NAUF particleboard that is 100% pre-consumer recycled wood.

We adjust operating hours around peak demand with utility companies and recycle all plastic, corrugated and metal products. We also bulk pack, consolidate and reuse packaging to reduce the amount of waste. Your Home Furniture (Pvt) Ltd uses only environmentally safe chemicals in all of our manufacturing and operational facilities.

As part of our mission, Your Home Furniture (Pvt) Ltd is always looking for more and better ways to limit our product's impact on the environment. Your Home Furniture (Pvt) Ltd strives to find environmentally friendly components and options. In addition, we build the most durable and attractive products in our industry so the products have a very long-life cycle, greatly reducing future waste.

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